Pasture-Raised Pork Spareribs

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Spare ribs are from further down the side of the pig, and reach right down toward the breastbone of the animal. They are also referred to as “side ribs” or “spares”. These are probably the most popular type of rib, and when people refer to “ribs” without specifying what type, there is a good chance they are talking about spare ribs. Spare ribs are flatter and straighter than baby back ribs. On one end you will see the marrow of the bones where they have been cut away from the baby back ribs. The other end is where the ribs taper away at the chest of the animal. At this end of the ribs you will see a slab of meat, along with some cartilage and gristle. Some would say that spare ribs have richer, more flavorful meat than baby backs.

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